Warren Tuttle - 2011


Warren is the perfect recipient for this recognition award, being a dancer who does more than ‘give back’ to the greater Atlanta community. Through running dances, classes and similar dance related endeavors, Warren raises money for his pet project, the “Happy Club.”

Happy Club is for mentally challenged people, many of whom are low functioning and unable to live in general society. Warren’s efforts have resulted in the spread of Happy Clubs to four locations in the Greater Atlanta area and Warren, with help from his wife Pat, funds all of the monthly Happy Club activities, such as renting buses and taking a group to the movies, to go bowling, to Stone Mountain theme park, the zoo, the aquarium, to anything that Warren can think of to, as Warren puts it, “put a little joy in these folks lives.” Annually he takes a caravan of buses to Florida for a long weekend at the beach; it’s the highlight of the Happy Club members’ year.