* Dance Teachers Club of Boston

Mark Alker-Sweeney

Member Since 1948
The "Dancing Teachers Club of Boston" was formed in the Spring of 1914. The purpose of the Club was to raise the artistic style of ballroom dancing and to foster social activity among the teachers.

On April 27, 1914, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Castle honored the new Club by being guest instructors. At this meeting, it was voted to definitely form a permanent club and the following officers were elected:

Lilla Viles Wyman as President; Otto F.C. Heineman as Vice President; George F. Walters as Treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of: Mrs. Follen Cabot and Fannie Faulhauber; and the Membership Committee was Elizabeth Corlew, Marguerite Souther, Walter Kee, F.A.Gardner, and Katherine Donovan.

At this meeting, eighty (80) new members joined the organization. From that time on, the Club has continued to grow, to attract new membership, and to spread its love of dance throughout the world.

During the early years, four-day conventions were held annually in Boston. Conventions continued to be held in Boston hotels until 1977 when they were moved to a lovely suburban function facility, The Lantana, in Randolph, Massachusetts.

In 1941, A "Normal School" was established for the purpose of training prospective teachers. The program expands and improves annually to make it one of the best programs of its kind in the industry and is now called The Dance Education Training Course.

From its small beginning in 1914, DTCB has enjoyed continuous growth and development. By 1947, it had 99 members; by 1969, 242 members; and today it boasts over 500 members, covering both Performing Arts and Ballroom, who come from all over the United States and from Canada and Italy. In 1966, DTCB merged with the American Society of Teachers of Dancing. ASTD was the nation's oldest dance teacher organization, founded in 1879.

The Club holds a Convention annually. The main purpose is to present master teachers in performing arts and ballroom, who provide both members and non-members with exciting new material and the opportunity to refresh and revitalize their own teaching styles for the benefit of their students. The Club maintains a Home Fund, established in 1972, which is designed to help members in times of emergencies such as fire, theft, serious illness, or other disasters. (HOME + Helping Our Members' Emergencies)

Known as the Grand Annual Social Event of the Club, the Spring Gala is a dance and show held each year to benefit the DTCB Lillafrances Viles Scholarship Fund. Two scholarships are presented annually to college-bound students of members.

Notable DTCB Members who have taken active valuable roles within NDCA are Dan and Annette Berger; Bill Bradford; George Chopourian; Eleanor Rubino; Bill Fowler, current NDCA Performing Arts Director; Nancy Bradford, current DTCB Delegate to Council; and Brenda Johnson, Alternate Delegate. Nancy and Brenda are also members of the new Council reconstruction committee.

The members of the Dance Teachers' Club of Boston and the American Society are proud to be a part of the dance world and the fraternal organization of NDCA. We work diligently to contribute to the progress and growth of the dance industry. We are pleased to share our experiences and our expertise with our fellow educators, performers, and students from all areas of dance. We welcome you to join us, or to call on us whenever we can be of assistance.