* Dance Vision International Dancers Association

Wayne Eng
* Dance Vision International Dancers Association

Member Since 2003

The Association:
ProDVIDA is a professional teacher organization that is open to all professional dance teachers and competitors. ProDVIDA encourages and welcomes active participation from its members in developing dance standards, promoting business innovations, and celebrating the art of dance. We offer one of the best certification program and have over 50 examiners throughout the country.

The Vision:
The goal of ProDVIDA is to provide the professional with top-notch service and valuable tools and to identify those teachers who exemplify the highest level of skill and ethical standards through training, experience and DVIDA® certifications.

The Philosophy:
CANI - Commitment to Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

The Founders:
In 1992, Wayne & Donna Eng founded Dance Vision, which has become the established world leader in the production and distribution of instructional dance videos and DVDs. Then in 2001, they created the Dance Vision International Dance Association, (DVIDA®). Through DVIDA®, they have developed and made available products and services for independent instructors and studios around the world. Their signature products are the DVIDA® Syllabus DVDs and Manuals in the American Style, International Style, Country Western, Night-Club 2-Step, Argentine Tango, Hustle and Salsa.. The DVIDA® Syllabus is being used by hundreds of studios and teachers in the United States and is recognized by the National Dance Council of America. In addition, the Canadian Dance Teachers Association recently adopted the DVIDA® American Style Syllabus as their official syllabus to certify professional instructors. The American Style Syllabus is also being used extensively in other countries such as Trinidad, England, Australia, and Greece.

ProDVIDA Manuals, DVDs and additional information available by calling 800-851-2813 or visit http://prodvida.com