* North American Dancesport Teachers Association

Rickey Geiger
* North American Dancesport Teachers Association

Member Since 1969

In 1967, a representative from the California USDTA contacted Rickey Geiger (then Cunningham) to request that she become an examiner for that organization, based on her United Kingdom Alliance (G.B.) degree as examiner. John March traveled from Long Beach to Vienna, VA to give the examination and so began a two-year process into the forming of a new organization. Rickey was asked to form an “Eastern Area” of the USDTA, which was successfully accomplished in 1967.

During the weekend of the first successful competition, held in the mid-west by the Eastern Area, a decision was made by the Eastern group to split from the California-based USDTA, and form the American Dance Teachers Association. The first president was Joe Jenkins. At that time, Rickey was serving on the Ballroom Committee and the Rules Formation Committee of the NCDTO (now NDCA). She became president of ADTA in 1969. The object in forming the ADTA was to more fully provide an organization in the U.S.A., which would include International Styles and Theatrical as well as American Styles in equity.

Because of Rickey’s qualification with the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing (having passed the examiners examination with high honors) she was able to set up an International Branch with high standards, alongside the American Branch, which was run by Tom and Petie Gonzalez. First, the syllabi were set up. This took a full year to complete. Then examiners were examined and set up in areas around the U.S.A. and a very strict code of ethics was enforced. John Ford and Ron Williams drew up the Theatre Arts exam. Subsequently, the ADTA was accepted by the NCDTO (NDCA) and became a hard-working participant at all meetings since 1969-70. A Performing Arts branch was added. The organization now has approximately 450 members, elections, a fully qualified Board of Examiners, and is one of the first organizations to establish an examination for judges, specifically to set the criteria for qualifying adjudicators in all styles.

The NDCA recently approved a request to change the name of the organization to the North American Dancesport Teachers Association, Inc. Now in its 40th year of operation, the organization enjoys a fine and well-earned reputation for high standards and is a credit to the NDCA and the U.S.A.