January 2011 Meeting Highlights

The NDCA bi-annual meeting was held in Dallas, Texas on January 7th and 8th, 2011. The points and rule changes from the meeting are as follows:

* President Brian McDonald clarified the moratorium on multi day competitions/championships. The moratorium has been in effect for the past 10 years and applies to the following areas:

  1. Florida - from July through December, there is no moratorium for the months January through June.
  2. The Northeast Corridor - to include -
    1. Southern New York (below a line drawn from Binghamton to Albany)
    2. Massachusetts
    3. Southern New Hampshire (Southeast of a line drawn from Brattleboro, through Concord to Rochester)
    4. Southern Maine(South of a line drawn from Porter in the west to, and including, Portland in the east.)
    5. Connecticut
    6. New Jersey
    7. Rhode Island
    8. Maryland
    9. Washington DC
    10. Eastern Pennsylvania (Southeast of a line drawn from Harrisburg to Allentown.)
    11. Northern Virginia (North of Interstate 64 to include the city of Richmond.)
  3. Las Vegas
  4. California

* A motion to repeal the Local One Day Events was defeated.

* An alternate motion to freeze applications of Local One Day Events was also defeated.

* The 21 day rule that applies to all events would also include the Local One Day Events.

* A rule was passed that no single person entries would be allowed. The entry must be a couple as defined in the current rule book.

* An International Style step lists for Bronze, Silver and Gold in both Ballroom and Latin were accepted and will appear in the Rule Book.

* Additions to the current invigilation rules were made which include the following:

(1) Early round violation - A warning from the Chairman of Judges or the Invigilator.

(2) Repeated violation in subsequent rounds - all recalls or marks for that dance erased.

(3) Final round violation -

(a) Where no previous infraction has been made, the couple will be marked down one place in that dance.

(b) When a competitor has already been warned and repeats the same infraction in a final round, they will be marked down to last place in the dance where the repeated infraction

occurred. The competitor who has been penalized will be given a copy of the infraction.

* Added to the preteen dress code was a rule prohibiting edging of any kind on hem lines, neck lines, etc.

* Amateurs who are teaching will be permitted to enter with their students in Pro/Am competition, provided the teacher is registered with the NDCA as a Competing Teacher.

* NDCA Organizers will not be allowed to accept any IDSF sanctioned events at their competition.

* Judi Hatton was presented the United States Dancesport Hall of Fame award at the Board of Governors meeting.

* Re-elected to office were 1st Vice President - Judi Hatton, Executive Secretary - Tom Murdock, Treasurer - Dennis Rogers.

* July meeting dates - July 8th and 9th, 2011 - Dallas, Texas.