At the January, 2012 bi-annual meeting of the NDCA, three areas had rule changes that directly
affect NDCA competitors.

1. Age Change for Amateur Competitors - Age classifications will become effective on the
Individual’s actual birthday. On a year where a competitor is going to move from one
Classification to the next they may make this change anytime during a 60-day period that
Begins 30 days prior to their birthday and ends 30 days following their birthday. For the
calendar year 2012 competitors may choose to compete in the age classifications that
were in force during the 2011 calendar year if they wish instead of the 2012 age

2. Pre-Teen Costuming – There were minor changes listed below.
Boys shirts can have no wing collars.
Boys shoes must be black.
No rhinestones on boys clothing.
Girls Bodice – Edging or trim of any kind, including ribbon, satin, lace, sequins, etc. is not
allowed on the neckline. Gathering or shirring on the bodice is not allowed. Edging or trim
on the bodice is not allowed.
Girls Shoes and Socks – If the shoe comes with rhinestones on the buckle, then they are
allowed. If the shoe comes with glitter on the shoe, then it is allowed.
Light pink or white tights may be worn.
Jewelry – one small earring is allowed in each ear.

3. Dances and Tempi – Changes were made for Professional and Amateur events in the
following two dances -
American Style Viennese Waltz – change from 54 MPM (162 BPM) to 53-54 MPM (159-162 BPM)
American Style Rumba – change from 32 MPM (128BPM)to 30-32 MPM (120-128 BPM)