July 10, 2010

. Proposal for a two-tiered system (existing NDCA competitions/one-day showcases) for NDCA sanctioned competitions submitted by Judi Hatton was passed in principle with details to be worked out.

. Rule added for Invigilator at NDCA events as follows –
a. A qualified invigilator shall be any person certified as a judge by a member organization of the
b. The Invigilator shall watch all rounds of all events, which have a restricted syllabus.
c. The Invigilator may serve as an Adjudicator but may not invigilate and adjudicate at the same time.
d. When syllabus competitions are held the organizer must use an invigilator for all closed syllabus
competitions. For events over 2000 entries and all Championships, the organizer must use an
e. For competitions numbering less than 2000 entries, the organizer may use the chairman of judges
as the invigilator.

. BYU to film bronze and silver syllabi with assistance from appointed Pro/Am teachers and coaches to be placed on web site. This will be started as soon as possible when the committee has finished work on the various syllabi.

. NDCA American Rhythm Silver syllabus restrictions were adopted.

. New web site launched Friday, July 9. On Saturday at Public Relations meeting, it was projected onto a big screen to demonstrate.

. Pro/Am Ranking System proposed by Dennis and Jackie Rogers and accepted in principle. Details to be worked out.

. Rule passed that judges may not converse with each other during actual judging sessions, especially when music is still playing.

. Definition of a couple was expanded. A couple is defined as a male and a female. This rule applies to all competition classifications: Professional, Amateur, Pro/Am Student Dancers, and Student/Student. Exceptions are not allowed.

. Full NDCA recognition and sanctioning was granted to the Snowball event held in Minnesota in January. This was allowed due to the desire to build events in remote areas of the country.

. Rule was passed to allow high ranking officials with proven ability, achievements and experience to Chair “special” championships without holding a scrutineer’s certificate provided two scrutineers are present and with approval of the Ballroom Department.

. NDCA Registrant Rule approved as follows –
a. Dancers registering with NDCA for the purpose of participating in NDCA sanctioned competitions
and championships ARE NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances to advertise this registration in
any forum, be it print, e-mail or web site listing.
b. Registration with NDCA may not be used to imply a personal or studio sanction by NDCA, and use
of the name ‘National Dance Council of America’, the letters ‘NDCA’ or any NDCA trademark is
specifically prohibited. The term ‘ Member of the NDCA’ is also prohibited; registrants are not
members of the NDCA.
c. Dance teachers registered in the ‘Certified Dance Teacher’ category may advertise their registration
in the following manner – “Registered with the National Dance Council of America as a certified
dance teacher.”

. NDCA page to be included in all competition programs to include NDCA history, purpose and information. This page will be mailed to all NDCA organizers.

. The first NDCA President’s Award was given to John Kimmins, Phil Masters and Arthur Murray International for their outstanding contributions to dancing nationally and worldwide.

. Virtual Hall of Fame to be put on web site with a physical Hall of Fame and Archives to be located in a facility donated by Arthur Murray International.

. NDCA Event Management program to be ready for final testing by Fall, 2010.

. Mini logo to include “sanctioned by the National Dance Council of America” to be sent to all organizers to be included on the cover of the program and all printed material of all NDCA sanctioned events.

. A name change was approved for International Standard to International Ballroom.