The National Dance Council of America (NDCA) is proud to announce that commencing in 2013, $36,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the United States Champions (Pre-Teen to Adult Senior) selected in Provo, Utah at the United States Amateur Championships to assist with travel expenses to the World Amateur Championships in Paris.

Hosting the largest Amateur events in the country, Brigham Young University draws 13,000 spectators every March to the Marriott Center with events as large as 240 competitors, providing the perfect back-drop for our championship amateur dancers. The enthusiasm and excitement is electric.

The National Dance Council of America is dedicated to all dancers of all levels, and looks forward to its continuing support of U.S. professional and amateur couples. As it has since its inception in 1948, NDCA will promote its passionate belief for all competitors – Freedom to Dance. No NDCA licensed professional or amateur competitor has ever been, nor will they ever be, banned from competing in any competition anywhere in the world.