National Dance Council of America Inc.

NDCA Constitution: By Laws.

Interim between Meetings:

The Executive Committee shall have the power to do any and all acts of the Council for its good and welfare, in the interim between meetings, however, it shall in no way bind the Council legally by written document or otherwise without securing a majority consent of the council of the Board of Governors by mail ballot.

The NDCA has recently become aware of a number of small events around the country that have been running for many years, and which have consistently hired NDCA registered judges and officials. In an effort to encourage these existing small events to continue to promote ballroom dancing at the local level, the Executive Officers of the NDCA, acting in the best interests of dancing in the USA, wish to allow existing amateur, college, and USAD Chapter events, authorization to engage NDCA registered judges and officials, providing these events have been in existence for a period of more than 5 years. This authorization will not be extended to events incorporating pro-amateur or professional competitions. Authorization for these competitions to use NDCA registered judges and officials may be obtained by making application to the NDCA Ballroom Department; there will be no fee associated with this application.

The rules of the NDCA mandate that action should be taken upon those NDCA registered judges who choose to judge at non NDCA sanctioned events, but we have found that there are many small events that have been in existence for many years, some go back as far as 16 years, that have been using NDCA registered officials. Therefore, as an act of good faith to those judges who have already been advised of pending suspension, we wish to draw a line in the sand and start again, therefore the previously initiated action against them will be withdrawn. However, it should be noted that action will be taken, as directed in the NDCA Rule Book, in the future.

In closing, we would like to encourage these events to come on board with the NDCA, and thus allow our judges and officials to continue supporting their effort as they have done in the past, therefore we invite those organizers who seek to use our judges and officials, and whose competitions fall into the above guidelines, to contact the Ballroom Department listing their proposed judges for authorization by the ballroom committee.

It is our hope that this action will open the door for many who will benefit from the structure of the NDCA.


Brian Mc Donald
President NDCA