There are three possible levels for NDCA Adjudicators.
1. Competition Level Adjudicator - the Competition Level Adjudicator is a stepping stone with restrictions. While holding this license you may only judge NDCA sanctioned Local One-Day Events or Multi-Day Competitions.  You may only judge in the styles that you have been qualified and verified in by the NDCA.  You may NOT judge at any NDCA sanctioned Championships.
In order to become qualified with partial credentials, you MUST still complete the *NDCA Adjudicator Training and whatever portions of the **NDCA Adjudicator Exam you are eligible to be certified in.  Both the NDCA Adjudicator Training and the NDCA Adjudicator Exam require a fee.  These two requirements are explained below:
*NDCA Adjudicator Training - is held at NDCA competitions.  This training process gives the training Adjudicator a chance to shadow a judging panel for a few hours to practice judging. The candidate is monitored by a member of the Credential Review and Examination Board, who will help guide and answer any questions that may arise. There is a $100 fee for this training paid directly to the person assisting you.
**NDCA Adjudicator Exam - is a two part exam.
The first part of the exam is a written portion which is based on judges conduct, rules and protocols.
The second part of the exam is a theory review in all styles and levels. The purpose for this exam  is simply to assure that all of the Adjudicators of the NDCA, while having different ranges of careers and expertise, should all have a common base line of knowledge in all styles and a clear knowledge of what responsibilities they have as an adjudicator. The NDCA exam can be scheduled with an examiner on the Credential Review and Examination Board who is not from the same member organization in which you were credentialed whenever you feel prepared to take this portion of the NDCA Adjudicator Exam. You may take this exam in portions - one style at a time if desired.  There is a fee of $100 for this exam paid directly to the examiner.
2. Championship Level Adjudicator - to become qualified as a Championship Level Adjudicator, the candidate must have a minimum of Bronze and Silver (Associate and Licentiate) exams completed in all styles with an NDCA recognized member organization.  You may view a list of NDCA Member Organizations who examine for these credentials on the NDCA website.  Once completed, you should register as an adjudicator on the NDCA website and submit the test papers(not diplomas) to the Credential Review and Examination Board of the NDCA for review. The necessary contact information appears during the online registration process. Once the paperwork has been reviewed and accepted, you will be sent a preparation packet with details on the final steps of the process which are Adjudicator Training and the NDCA Adjudicator Exam as needed. 
3. National Judge - This status is required in order to judge any NDCA National Championships and is granted by the Ballroom Department Committee of the NDCA based on the competitive achievements of the candidate.  You may NOT apply for National Judge status until you have been certified by the NDCA as a Championship Adjudicator.