Member Organizations
Member Organizations

American Ballroom Company

Sponsors of the official United States Dance Championships
P.O. Box 4507
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274
Martin Chiang, Chairman & CEO
Tel: (310) 544-4636

American Ballroom Company, Inc. (ABC) was incorporated in March 1971 by Ms. Mary Molaghan & Mr. John Monte. At that time ABC was granted a license from the National Council of Dance Teachers Organization (NCDTO), now the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) to conduct the official United States Ballroom Championships_ (USBC), now known as the United States Dance Championships_ (USDC) in all styles and divisions for Amateurs, Professionals and Pro/Ams. The Charter was later revised in 1975 and remains the same today.

The USBC was first conducted at the Waldorf Astoria in 1971 and continued there until 1975, when they were held in Washington D.C.. From there it returned to the Waldorf Astoria from 1976 to 1981, then the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden in 1982. It was then back at the Waldorf Astoria for 1983 and shared between the Felt Forum and the Waldorf Astoria in 1984. In 1985 it was moved to Miami Beach, FL and held at the Sheraton Bal Harbour. The Championships remained there until 1988. In 1989 it was held at the Fontainebleau Hilton and returned to the Sheraton Bal Harbour in 1990.

ABC conducted the World Professional Championships (Standard) in conjunction with World Dance Promotions at the Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, New York City in 1984 and recently conducted this event in 1998 in Miami. Additionally, ABC has organized the World's Professional Latin American Championships in 1987, 1991, & 1996 and the World's Professional Ten Dance Championships in 1993 and 1997.

The United States representatives for the World Professional Championships are chosen each year at the USDC. In conjunction with the NDCA, ABC helps subsidize the couples travel expenses.The US Open Professional Standard and Latin American Championships commenced in 1983, and since then have attracted the best dancers from throughout the World.

In 1995 ABC formed a joint venture with the Ballroom Dance Division at Brigham Young University to organize and run the US National Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth and Amateur Cabaret Championships in Provo, UT. This was due to the very large population of young dancers in the inter-mountain area.In 1996, the US National Professional Standard Championships and the US National Professional Rising Star Standard Competition joined the other U.S. Championships which were held in Provo.In 1997 the name of the annual US Championship was changed to reflect the trend in the dance world. The name was changed to "United States Dance Sport Championships_".

In 2006, ABC successfully reunited all United States Championships under one roof, giving the United States one competition for all National Championships.

In 2007 ABC changed the name of the annual United States Championships to "United States Dance Championships" (USDC) to more accurately reflect the spirit of the event. Along with this change, a change of venue was made to its present location, which is the Royal Pacific Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida. ABC is an independent producer of dance competitions, and has successfully produced many United States Championships and World Championships.

American Dancesport Organization, Inc.

6755 NW 122nd Ave
Parkland, FL 33076
Colin Hillary, President
Tel: (954) 757-5101
The American Dancesport Organization, Inc. has been a corporation since 1995 operating as a not-for-profit organization, primarily to provide for the "Blackpool Project" that was created to support North American competitors competing in the British Open, otherwise known as the Blackpool Dance Festival. It is further envisaged the A.D.O. as a charitable foundation will continue beyond the existence of its founders with the charter in place for ongoing philanthropic instructions.

Arthur Murray International

1077 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134
John Kimmins, President
Tel: (305) 445-9645

The Arthur Murray organization is proud to be the largest organization of dance studios in the world today, with over 250 studios in 17 countries.

Through Arthur and Kathryn Murray, Philip S. Masters, the late George B. Theiss and Samuel A. Costello the organization introduced and popularized many of the dances we enjoy today and was the first to embrace mass appeal to dance lovers and students through its popular and simple "Magic Step" method of instruction. The organization was one of the very first to enter the franchise field.

Arthur Murray is proud to have brought to dancing many of the celebrities who appeared on the famous Arthur Murray Dance Party TV series and such latter day dance stars as Larry and Betty Silvers, Vernon Brock and Beverly Donahue, Ron Montez, Sam Sodano, John and Beverly Kimmins, Patrick and Wendy Johnson, David and Carrie Kloss, Bill Sparks and Shirley Johnson, Tim and Barbara Haller, Pat Traymore, Terry Leone, Bob Medeiros, Julius Kaiser, Frank and Victoria Regan, Bob and Cindy Long, Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova, Augusto Schiavo, Luca and Loraine Barrichi, Michelle Montague, Nicholas and Lena Kosovich and Hunter and Maria Johnson.

We are equally as proud of all our instructors and franchise studio operators along with our head office staff, who are the heart and soul of the vibrant Arthur Murray Dance Studios of today.

Brigham Young University

288 Richards Building
Provo, UT 84602
Curt Holman, Dance Dept Chair
Tel: (801) 422-5875

It all began in the fall of 1960 with Ben Dehoyos and a team of four couples. Today, almost 30 years later, Lee & Linda Wakefield direct six teams and 80 couples. Despite many challenges and obstacles that have arisen over the years, the thrilling art of ballroom dancing is alive and thriving as never before at Brigham Young University. From it's meager beginnings, social dance, as a partial class offering with folk and square dance, has at last emerged as a matriculated major course of study. The team has toured world wide, and all who have participated have reaped the blessings of the unique ambassadorship only ballroom dancing can offer. Where did this all begin?

In September 1953, Alma Heaton joined BYU faculty, and taught the first social dance class. The fall of 1967, Roy & June Mavor were appointed to be directors of Ballroom Dance Teams. Roy introduced the Medalist System and firmly established International Style into the curriculum. In May of 1971, Roy Mavor took the first BYU team to compete in the British Ballroom Dancing Championships, held in Blackpool, England. This team became the first American team ever to win the British formation championship. In 1973, after Roy and June Mavor left BYU to establish their own business, Emerson & LeGene Lyman were appointed directors of the Ballroom Dance Teams. Emerson expanded the programs to include International Style, Latin dances, International Balls and enlarged the Medalist Program. January 1977, a new social dance team, specializing in American Style, was formed on campus and coached by Lee Wakefield. In 1980, Lee became the artistic director of the Ballroom Dance Company.

For 18 years, Lee and Linda have directed the Ballroom Dance Program at Brigham Young University. Under their jurisdiction the program has grown quickly and has become the largest Ballroom Dance Program in a university in the world. In 1994, Curt & Sharon Holman joined the faculty at the University and now work with Lee and Linda in building and improving the program. For the last 17 years, the Brigham Young University Ballroom and Latin formation teams have won the US title and numerous times have won the British formation title. The formation team members are also part of a Ballroom Performing Company that tours nationally and internationally, presenting a 90-minute production of ballroom dancing. The company is sought after around the world and is known for the high quality and professional production.

In 1993, BYU was selected to host the World Amateur Standard Championships, and is currently, along with American Ballroom Company, the host of the United States Professional Standard Ballroom Championships.

Dance Teachers Club of Boston

Contact: Mark Alker-Sweeney

The Dancing Teachers Club of Boston was formed in the Spring of 1914. The purpose of the Club was to raise the artistic style of ballroom dancing and to foster social activity among the teachers.

On April 27, 1914, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Castle honored the new Club by being guest instructors. At this meeting, it was voted to form a permanent club and the following officers were elected: Lilla Viles Wyman as President; Otto F.C. Heineman as Vice President; George F. Walters as Treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of: Mrs. Follen Cabot and Fannie Faulhauber; and the Membership Committee was Elizabeth Corlew, Marguerite Souther, Walter Kee, F.A.Gardner, and Katherine Donovan. At this meeting, 80 new members joined the organization. From that time on, the Club has continued to grow, to attract new membership, and to spread its love of dance throughout the world.

During the early years, four-day conventions were held annually in Boston. Conventions continued to be held in Boston hotels until 1977 when they were moved to a lovely suburban function facility, The Lantana, in Randolph, Massachusetts. In 1941, A "Normal School" was established for the purpose of training prospective teachers. The program expands and improves annually to make it one of the best programs of its kind in the industry and is now called The Dance Education Training Course.

From its small beginning in 1914, DTCB has enjoyed continuous growth and development. By 1947, it had 99 members; by 1969, 242 members; and today it boasts over 500 members, covering both Performing Arts and Ballroom, who come from all over the United States and from Canada and Italy. In 1966, DTCB merged with the American Society of Teachers of Dancing. ASTD was the nation's oldest dance teacher organization, founded in 1879.

The Club holds a Convention annually. The main purpose is to present master teachers in performing arts and ballroom, who provide both members and non-members with exciting new material and the opportunity to refresh and revitalize their own teaching styles for the benefit of their students. The Club maintains a Home Fund, established in 1972, which is designed to help members in times of emergencies such as fire, theft, serious illness, or other disasters. (HOME + Helping Our Members' Emergencies). Known as the Grand Annual Social Event of the Club, the Spring Gala is a dance and show held each year to benefit the DTCB Lillafrances Viles Scholarship Fund. Two scholarships are presented annually to college-bound students of members.

Notable DTCB Members who have taken active valuable roles within NDCA are Dan and Annette Berger; Bill Bradford; George Chopourian; Eleanor Rubino; Bill Fowler, current NDCA Performing Arts Director; Nancy Bradford, current DTCB Delegate to Council; and Brenda Johnson, Alternate Delegate. Nancy and Brenda are also members of the new Council reconstruction committee.The members of the Dance Teachers' Club of Boston and the American Society are proud to be a part of the dance world and the fraternal organization of NDCA. We work diligently to contribute to the progress and growth of the dance industry. We are pleased to share our experiences and our expertise with our fellow educators, performers, and students from all areas of dance. We welcome you to join us, or to call on us whenever we can be of assistance.

Dance Vision International Dancers Association

9081 West Sahara Ave Ste 190
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Contact: Wayne Eng
Tel: (800) 851-2813

Dance Vision helps instructors be limitless in their dance journeys.

With the help of 40 prestigious Dance Vision Examiners and Coaches, we train, certify, and prepare those passionate about expanding their education, with a goal of pursuing sustainable careers in the dance industry. Our instructors are certified in the Dance Vision Syllabus, used by 2000+ dance studios and independent teachers internationally. Most notably, our industry's top educators and organizations consider our American Smooth and Rhythm Syllabus the global leader in this style.

Our promise? Stay human; stay innovative; help Dance Vision Instructors exemplify excellence in education, be prepared and passionate in their instruction, and live professions marked by achievement, fulfillment, and joy.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios International

10 Bliss Rd
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Luann Pulliam, President
Tel: (413) 567-3200

Our Mission: We are a global family, proudly honoring the legacy of Mr. Fred Astaire, committed to pursuing excellence of life through dance.

Since 1947, it has been our privilege to carry the trade name of Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and we are committed to upholding the admired reputation of our co-founder, Mr. Fred Astaire, in everything we do. Today, we are the fastest-growing dance instruction franchise in the world, with over 175 dance studio locations worldwide, and a Management team and Board focused on building value and creating new opportunities for franchisees, dancers, and students alike.

Over the years, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has produced a wealth of professional dancers and dance Champions, all living embodiments of Fred Astaire's style and grace. We are extremely proud of our Dance Pros' achievements, and of all of our owners, instructors and staff members who every day, create a warm and welcoming sense of "FADS Community" for our students, and help them achieve their dance goals in Fred Astaire Dance Studio locations across the globe.

Moving forward into the twenty-first century, Fred Astaire Dance Studios reaffirms its commitment to providing the public with the highest levels of dance instruction, and new cutting-edge programs that provide fun and innovative ways for our students to experience the positive, transforming power of dance.

Heritage Dance Foundation

2709 Medical Office Pl
Goldsboro, NC 27534
Contact: Charles Zwerling
Tel: 919) 736-3937

In 1998, The Heritage Dance Foundation, a 501 ( c )3 non profit corporation created by Charles S. Zwerling, MD, bought DanceWeek from Dick Mason in order to continue his fine work and report the news of ballroom dancing in the United States. DanceWeek became overnight the flagship for the Heritage Dance Foundation whose mission is: to promote the international sport of partnership dancing through encouraging opportunities for dance education, cultivating excellence within the sport and elevating overall standards for a superior competitive environment.

Over the past years the Heritage Dance Foundation has developed and maintained many worthwhile projects, including:

  1. The Junior Dance Foundation assisting youth in ballroom
  2. The United States Dance Congress annual event and seminar which the HDF transferred to the NDCA
  3. Publication of the national bi-weekly newsletter, DanceWeek
  4. The publication of Ability, The Ballroom Dance Journal
  5. Establishment of amateur and professional dance scholarships
  6. Members of the National Dance Council of America
  7. Assisting Competition Organizers for tax deductible scholarship events
  8. Producer of original theatrical productions
  9. Remember the Paramount and Broadway at Paramount
  10. Producer of original television show "A Time to Dance"
  11. Creation of a theatrical ensemble, Encore Entertainment

The Heritage Dance Foundation has created a performing arts division in order to nurture and encourage regional community theatrical and dance productions.

National Dance Teachers Association of America

160 N E 58th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
Contact: Lee Fox
Tel: (561) 702-3699

In 1974, a group of dance instructors formed an association to strive to advance the Art of Ballroom Dancing, standardize the teaching materials, expose the members to progressive methods of instruction, keep members informed of new trends in the social and competitive dance fields and add integrity to the profession. They called their organization Florida Dance Teachers Association (FDTA), Floridas "ALL BALLROOM" Association.

Five meetings were held yearly; each offering four seminars, one each from the Bronze and Silver NCDTO Syllabus, and two other suitable variations, competition material or "current trend" dances, music and training. Socials, buffets and potluck dinners added opportunities for good fellowship and lighthearted fun. Led by founder, Jim Forest, together with the assistance of Larry Dean, Jerry Jarzem, Howard Marlow, Terry Henes, Pat Patterson and Mae Patterson, the Florida Dance Teachers Association, Inc. incorporated in 1976 as a non-profit corporation for the encouragement, improvement and promotion of dancing; to institute, conduct, manage and provide a forum for dance teachers to exchange information and ideas, disseminate proper materials to enhance the integrity and capabilities of dance teachers, fix qualifications of membership and to protect and promote the mutual interest of its members. The FDTA joined the Council, then known as the National Council of Dance Teachers Organizations (NCDTO). In order to expand and attract members outside of Florida, in 1985 the organization name was changed to National Dance Teachers Association of America, Inc.

Our goal is to continue to provide support, syllabus materials, and assistance to members to enhance their expertise. We offer qualification examinations for certification in different levels and styles as well as traditional Medal Tests. Our meetings provide seminar workshop presentations teaching techniques as well as variations and patterns in a variety of dance forms, both social and competitive. Our members have the tools to give their students quality lessons to provide them with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence for a healthy, happy, physically fit future through dancing.

North American Dance Organizers Alliance

21266 Velino Lane
Estero, FL 33928
Tel: (203) 253-1654

North American Dancesport Teachers Association

PO Box 85
Vienna, VA 22183
Sam Sodano, President

In 1967, a representative from the California USDTA contacted Rickey Geiger (then Cunningham) to request that she become an examiner for that organization, based on her United Kingdom Alliance (G.B.) degree as examiner. John March traveled from Long Beach to Vienna, VA to give the examination and so began a two-year process into the forming of a new organization.

Rickey was asked to form an Eastern Area of the USDTA, which was successfully accomplished in 1967. During the weekend of the first successful competition, held in the mid-west by the Eastern Area, a decision was made by the Eastern group to split from the California-based USDTA, and form the American Dance Teachers Association. The first president was Joe Jenkins. At that time, Rickey was serving on the Ballroom Committee and the Rules Formation Committee of the NCDTO (now NDCA). She became president of ADTA in 1969. The object in forming the ADTA was to more fully provide an organization in the U.S.A., which would include International Styles and Theatrical as well as American Styles in equity.

Because of Rickeys qualification with the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing (having passed the examiners examination with high honors) she was able to set up an International Branch with high standards, alongside the American Branch, which was run by Tom and Petie Gonzalez. First, the syllabi were set up. This took a full year to complete. Then examiners were examined and set up in areas around the U.S.A. and a very strict code of ethics was enforced. John Ford and Ron Williams drew up the Theatre Arts exam. Subsequently, the ADTA was accepted by the NCDTO (NDCA) and became a hard-working participant at all meetings since 1969-70. A Performing Arts branch was added. The organization now has approximately 450 members, elections, a fully qualified Board of Examiners, and is one of the first organizations to establish an examination for judges, specifically to set the criteria for qualifying adjudicators in all styles.

The NDCA recently approved a request to change the name of the organization to the North American Dancesport Teachers Association, Inc. Now in its 40th year of operation, the organization enjoys a fine and well-earned reputation for high standards and is a credit to the NDCA and the U.S.A.

Pan American Teachers of Dancing

Contact: Colin Hillary
Tel: (954) 757-5101

Pan American Teachers of Dancing was formed at USBC, Waldorf Astoria, New York City in 1975, incorporated November 11, 1977, and inducted as a full member of the NDCA January 1978. Original board of directors: President, David M. Key (OH); Vice President, Roy Mavor (TX); Secretary/Treasurer, Lorrie Llamas (CA) and board member at large Laurie Haile (CA).

The original board felt the need in the United States for an independent curriculum for American Style dance instruction. Mr. Key and Mr. Mavor formulated the syllabus. After much debate, our independent teaching organization was christened "Pam Am" due to the fact that Roy and his wife, June Mavor, directed dance events entitled Pan American Dance Championships.

After NCDTO's (NDCA) review of our application and curriculum by Chairman John Monte and the executive committee, our Degree System of dance training was ratified. Originally, Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. utilized Alex Moore's Revised technique for our International Modern examinations, and Walter Laird's Latin Technique syllabus for International Latin. Over the years, the ISTD revised their descriptions of Latin technical components to the extent that they have been universally accepted by all international teaching organizations, including Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. In the early 1990's, Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. developed a performing arts (PA) department encompassing the dance fields of ballet, tap, and jazz. Our PA department continues to grow.

Being a member of America's representative organization (National Dance Council of America) to the World Dance and Dancesport Council has been a privilege and an honor for Pan American Teachers of Dancing, Inc. and we hope to maintain our involvement for many years to come. Pan American Teachers of Dancing's current Board of Directors include David M. Key, President; Mary K. Race, Secretary; and Lorrie Llamas, Treasurer. Delegates to the Board of Governors of the NDCA also include Lawrence Elkin and Joy and Colin Hillary.

Mr. David Key wishes to honor our founders: Roy Mavor, Lorrie Llamas and Laure Haile. Also, loyal delegate, John Morton (CA) and fellow and examiner, David Osborne (FL).

Professional Dancers Federation

4428 Convoy St Ste 288
San Diego, CA 92111
Contact: Yolanda Vargas
Tel: (858) 560-4372

Our Mission

The objective of the PDF is to protect the interests of professionals involved in the competitive dancesport industry.


Our membership includes professional competitors, pro/am teachers, adjudicators, scrutineers, organizers and promoters of dancesport in the U.S.A.


The specific purpose of the PDF is: (a) To foster the spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship, and to protect the interests of professionals, such as competitors, adjudicators, scrutineers, organizers and promoters involved in competitive dancing; and (b) To further the goodwill and cooperation between the members of the Professional Dancers Federation and the National Dance Council of America and all who utilize the professional services of the Professional Dancers Federation.

Why should I join?

The PDF is the only organization in the USA with a seat on the NDCA whose exclusive purpose is to represent the Dancesport Professional! The PDF can and will take your complaints to NDCA anonymously! Have a national organization stand behind you!!

Did You Know?

Many people don't realize that the PDF is responsible for many improvements at competitions that todays competitive dancesport professionals enjoy. For example:

  • Handling complaints against judges or organizers anonymously
  • No smoking in the ballroom
  • Drinking water in the ballroom
  • 20 minutes between rounds
  • Voting down surcharge on entries
  • Creating the World Professional Smooth & Rhythm Championships
  • And more...

Get involved today!

History of the PDF

The PDF was first established in 1980 by Brian McDonald when he lived in Oklahoma. He traveled to California at that time and met with some Professionals there who then became the first Officials of the PDF. They were Brian McDonald as President, Stephen Cullip, Jeanette Ball. Edward Ball & Bill Graveson. Mr. McDonald & Bill Mr.Graveson were the delegates who attended the NCDTO, (now known as the NDCA), meetings to try and obtain membership for the PDF. In the early eighties the PDF received an offer from Sonny Binick and Bob Burgess of the BDF in England to affiliate the PDF to their body the PDF, it was turned down as the wanted to keep completely free of any International body.

In 1982-83 at the California Star Ball, Ronald Montez was elected the new President. Mr. McDonald then continued working at NDCA for the PDF and after three years he managed to get the PDF incorporated and become a member of the NDCA. Prior to this we were at NDCA as observers only.

The PDF articles of Incorporation were filed on May 21, 1984 in California by it's then current president, Ron Montez. The specific purpose of the corporation was to; (a) foster the spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship, and to protect the interests of professionals, such as competitors, adjudicators, scrutineers, organizers and promoters involved in competitive dancing; and (b) to further the goodwill and cooperation between the members of the Professional Dancers Federation and the National Council of Dance Teachers Organization (now known as NDCA) and all who utilize the professional services of the Professional Dancers Federation members. Under the direction of Ron Montez on August 8, 1984, the PDF was admitted to the NDCA with Class A affiliate membership.

PDF OfficersOfficers are elected by the membership for 2 year terms. If you or anyone you know is interested in running for office please contact us. The PDF is always looking for Professionals interested in getting involved.

American International Dancers Association

Steve Hadley, President
Society Aims & Objectives
  • To coordinate and develop the interests of teachers of International Style Ballroom & Latin-American dancing, American Style Smooth & Rhythm dancing and Theatrical Style dancing on the North American continent within the highest of standards.
  • To cooperate with other recognized teaching organizations in order to work for harmonious relations within the profession.
  • To work for the protection, elevation and advancement of the dignity, prestige and interests of the art of Ballroom Dancing, DanceSport, and of the profession of teachers of dancing in particular, and to establish in connection therewith, standards of professional ethics and conduct.

United States Terpsichore Association

216 Passaic Ave
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Gary McDonald, President
Tel: (973) 276-1170

The United States Terpsichore Association was incorporated in and granted the great seal of the State of California on August 29, 1978 and is a member organization of the National Dance Council of America. In June of 2002 the offices were moved to New Jersey where they remain currently. The Terpsichore Association was founded to represent the professional dancing teacher, making available through our qualified examiners the opportunity to be certified by examination in all the styles of Ballroom Dance encompassing the International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm and the Theater Arts.

The standard is high in the Terpsichore Association and the qualifications of the membership roster are excellent.

Our examiners are fully qualified in all branches of ballroom dancing and are veterans of the dancing world. Teachers wishing to take their examinations should call our secretary, Debbie Marolda, at the Terpsichore office, (973) 276-1170, to receive information regarding membership exams and to schedule an examiner. We also accept qualified teachers from other societies and are most happy to have them join us with proof of their qualifications through a copy of their certificate issued to them at the time of their exams.

The society offers a full range of amateur tests in all styles of ballroom dancing, providing certificates and medals upon completion of the exams. With the US becoming world leaders in ballroom dancing, the U.S. Terpsichore Association is very proud to be a part of the NDCA. The list of current examiners for the United States Terpsichore Association consists of:

  • Gary McDonald, President
  • Stephan Krauel
  • Beth Knoll
  • Lori Woods-Gay
  • Monique Hrouda
  • Dennis Rogers
  • Nadia Eftedal-Severino
  • Diana McDonald
  • Brian McDonald
  • Kristi McDonald
  • Ken Sloan
  • Desmond Dunne
  • Gene Jennings
  • Ken Sloan
  • Kerry Wilson
  • Michael Chapman

World Federation of Ballroom Dancers

1077 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables Coral Gables, FL 33134
Contact: John Kimmins
Tel: (305) 445-9645

The World Federation of Ballroom Dancers is a public charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the image of ballroom dance and dancesport throughout the United States and the World. Through competitions, seminars, scholarships and grants, ballroom dancing (dancesport) is being promoted and promulgated as an art form as well as a competitive sporting event. As a public charitable foundation, the World Federation of Ballroom Dancers has received and distributed (since 1989) over 20 million dollars to various worthy projects.

The World Federation of Ballroom Dancers welcomes contributions from individuals, corporations, businesses, trusts, etc. All contributions to the World Federation of Ballroom Dancers, Inc. are full tax deductible under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations over $250 will be acknowledge in writing in accordance with the revisions to the tax code as of January 1, 1994.