Below are links to videos of approved elements and figures for invigilation.

Bronze Rhythm Video (January 2020)

Silver Rhythm Video (January 2020)

Gold Rhythm Video (January 2020)

Bronze Smooth Waltz (February 2014)

Bronze Smooth Tango (February 2014)

Bronze Smooth Foxtrot (February 2014)

Bronze Smooth Viennese Waltz (February 2014)

Bronze Latin Cha Cha (February 2014)

Bronze Latin Samba (February 2014)

Bronze Latin Rumba (February 2014)

Bronze Latin Paso Doble (February 2014)

Bronze Latin Jive (February 2014)

Silver Latin Cha Cha (February 2014)

Silver Latin Samba (February 2014)

Silver Latin Rumba (February 2014)

Silver Latin Paso Doble (February 2014)

Silver Latin Jive (February 2014)

Gold Latin Cha Cha (February 2014)

Gold Latin Samba (February 2014)

Gold Latin Rumba (February 2014)

Gold Latin Paso Doble (February 2014)

Gold Latin Jive (February 2014)

Bronze Ballroom Waltz (February 2014)

Bronze Ballroom Tango (February 2014)

All Levels Ballroom Viennese Waltz (February 2014)

Bronze Ballroom Foxtrot (February 2014)

Bronze Ballroom Quickstep (February 2014)

Silver Ballroom Waltz (February 2014)

Silver Ballroom Tango (February 2014)

Silver Ballroom Foxtrot (February 2014)

Silver Ballroom Quickstep (February 2014)

Gold Ballroom Waltz (February 2014)

Gold Ballroom Tango (February 2014)

Gold Ballroom Foxtrot (February 2014)

Gold Ballroom Quickstep (February 2014)